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Sprintex overview of accessories and options.

Callis Options and Attachments


1) only in conjunction with touch terminal
2) without incline, reverse speed: from 0 km/h to max. 15 km/h
3) reverse speed: from 0 km/h to max. 20 km/h
4) without incline, without body-holding system

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RS232 Interface

Touch Terminal

The intuitive handling makes using our innovative terminal particularly easy. All settings and functions are manageable with a few swift finger movements, even if hands are damp or even wet. The integrated USB interface allows a quick analysis of all running data. Speed, incline and pulse may be evaluated accurately to the second.

Handrail keyboard (removable)

The handrail keyboard ensures a comfortable and simple remote control of the treadmill. Due to its exceptional construction the keyboard may either be adjusted to the handrail or used as a corded remote control. The spiral cable applied for this purpose  facilitate navigation without any problems for various distances. Optionally the keyboard may be upgraded especially for TRAC 60E. The adjustment element is thus enhanced by activation for hoist motors.

Handrail keyboard (affixed)

Step tread

Ramp and shoulder support

height and width-adjustable handrail

This particular handrail provides for users of any physical size a comfortable and secure running training. Both handrails may be independently adjusted. This ensures ideal handling for any situation and optimises at the same time - when adjusted properly - the body posture of the runner.

Holder for personal protection

Due to this safety measure the runner may achieve his / her maximal performance potential since he / she will be completely blocked in case of tumbling and the device immediately stopped. Creating such a feeling of safety the training person will be  encouraged to check out his / her performance limits.